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"I have been to the 'best' psychics in the world. In ten minutes; you told me more about past, present and future events than any of them ever did and, you were 100% accurate on all fronts! You are the real deal, Peggy."- John/ NY, NY


Peggy was born into a strong Celtic family with generational links to Clairvoyance, Clairaudiance and Mediumship.

Her Maternal and Paternal Grandmother's both practiced the gift of Palmistry, Tealeaves and Mediumship. Although their strict Irish, Catholic doctrines frowned on this form of communication at that time in history, both Grandmothers, Esther and Margaret, as well as Aunt May quietly utilized their gifts to locate missing Prisoners of War as well as to ward off catastrophic family events which were placed in their paths. They regularly communicated with Souls who would apparate during their wakes and funerals, as well, guiding them toward the Light.
As a young child, Peggy would hear, see and communicate with Spirits, both known and unknown to her. They always gave her messages of past, present and future events as well as visions predicting details surrounding upcoming events.

Trusting always in Father God, her Spirit Guides', Sonya, Nora, Claudia and Margaret as well as her Angel Guardians; Gabriel, Michael and Victoria, Peggy's gifts continued to grow with her quest for understanding and knowledge. Labeled a "Trumpeter Medium" by many; Peggy was born with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing.
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Many Spirits, especially children lost to early death, seek her ear and give messages to those who are feeling bewildered and hopeless. Baby angels will stay with Mothers and ask for recognition with a name and birthday to help create closure and peace for all involved.

Peggy is connected to their souls and relays information to those on earth plane who are seeking closure and comfort. Peggy also has the gift of Scrying and can place herself inside a person's thoughts to help interpret and navigate intention and direction.
At age 29, Peggy endured a perilous health crisis and left her body to go to the other side after sustaining a pulmonary embolism. Greeted there by her Guides; she was told to go back to Earth plane and further develop and grow her Mediumship work. She vowed to sanctify her life and spirit and devote her remaining time on earth plane to connecting lost souls with loved ones to create peace, closure, comfort and understanding for those who are physically separated by death here and on the other side. Her gift allows her to be a working conduit between the living and the dead.

Peggy regularly travels on the bridge which connects both worlds; giving guidance to those on Earth plane while receiving healing messages of hope from those who are in the land of love, harmony and serenity.

Above all and before all, Peggy thanks God for this amazing gift and the work she is able to do through Spirit.

"I just had my third reading from you and I felt compelled to write you this letter. The things you have predicted have all come to pass. The topics you touch on are all ones of concern and relevance to my life. They told me I could not conceive. You said I would. I am expecting a little girl in July. I just wanted you to know how much your gift really helps and heals people. I look forward to my next reading and many, many more to come." --Amy, Cape Coral, Fla.
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