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"I was on my way to London. You warned of a bombing. This was the first attack of this nature. Thank God I listened and postponed my business trip or I would not be here today"-- Michael, Alexandria, VA

So many have enjoyed connecting with their higher intuitive selves through our various classes in Psychic Development. Following are classes that will be offered in the upcoming year for your perusal and participation. Please, feel free to contact me with any further questions you may have.

Please remember, to ensure the quality and clarity of our classes; the class size is limited to no more than 10 students. To maintain absolute fairness; all will be registered on a first come, first serve basis.

Developing Your Psychic Abilities:
During this two-hour class, we will explore Channeling your Guides, Intuitive Connecting, Mediation and Clairvoyance Techniques. This will be a participative class so, wear comfortable clothing that attracts your highest energy, (blues, whites, purples and greens are all good color choices), and sweats are not only acceptable, but encouraged. Also, bring a tablet to write in and a pen, as well as your open heart and mind!

Developing Your Psychic Communication Through Object Interpretation:
Throughout this two-hour class, we will take our journey into the realm of advanced mediumship as we hold objects, photographs and tangible energy containing items for message purposes. At this time, we will form a sacred circle and invoke spirit to communicate to us through these items; giving clues and mental imagery regarding the objects and the owner's origin. Please bring an object, (photograph, jewelry, business card, pet collar, hair, etc.), for interpretive purposes. This class will begin with a brief overview of the fundamentals utilized to conduct a reading.
Dream Interpretation:
Dreams are Spirit's language to us and their uninterrupted opportunity to connect with us in a receptive state. Through our dreams, we can answer questions, visit with those who have passed or, perhaps have an experience or conversation with someone who is away from us due to space or heart proximity. The sky is the limit when using dreams as a form of incoming and outgoing communication. Two weeks prior to this class, we will all chart our dreams for interpretation and explanation. “Dreams” by Mary Summer Rain, is encouraged for this two-hour class.

Chanting and Channeling:
Utilizing the ancient ritual of chanting, we will submerge in the boundless dynamics of sound from body that evokes Spirit’s answering voice and life solutions from the Universe. Chanting balances the Psychic meridian's, opens the heart passages for Mediumship Work, and creates a parallel universe for all to travel within. An exciting and participatory class, this two hour experience will give you tools for life long communion with your environment and all within it; seen and unseen.
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"My child was killed suddenly by a drunk driver. We needed specific details for court and personal closure. Your accuracy in communicating with her was astounding. We cannot ever thank you enough for the gift you shared. It has helped my husband and my children find a measure of peace where once a dark hole existed."
--Mary Elizabeth, Francis, Jamie, Jessica and Jillian, Scottsdale, AZ

Peggy's dog, Ben, runs through the leaves on a fall day.
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