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"I needed a fast, clear answer regarding a financial matter involving a large sum of money. Not only did you answer my question; you gave me additional information that gained me an extra $12,000.00 in a real estate deal! Thank you... I will be back."- Pete/Boise, ID.


Readings are an opportunity to take time with your loved ones in Spirit and communicate with them. The reading gift is also an opportunity to learn about your past, present and future lives; thus settling conflict, answering questions and accepting direction and guidance. I offer the following message whenever someone chooses to have a reading so that maximum benefits will be obtained from our visit together.
I am a Healer; therefore, you may expect physical, psychological and spiritual healing as a result of your reading. I am not a Physician and I cannot diagnose nor prescribe. I am also Clairvoyant, in that I see past, present and future events.

Finally, I am a Medium, in that I converse, through "heard" and "seen" messages, with those who have crossed over to the dimension we call death.

When receiving your reading, please keep your prejudices and "walls" at the door. In being open to Spirit's message, you will be allowed the privilege of knowing and feeling God's work within your life through your loved one who has crossed over and the message they bring to you during your reading.
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You may hear from someone whose name you do not recognize. Kindly note their name and reference a relative or elder who may have knowledge you do not possess regarding this person. All of God's children in Spirit are welcome, thus, I accept all messages.

You may receive names of those living and in Spirit. I may not get an exact name, although, the first letter is always correct. James may be John, Bill may be Brian, and Sandy may be Susan.
Also, "sound alike" names may come through. "Wanda" may be Rhonda", etc. I will also get an "identifying" message, such as the person's relationship to you, their occupation or their cause of death.

There are neither in-laws nor steps in Spirit. Mother-in-law will be mother; Stepsister will be sister, etc. Finally, if you live with someone in a "married" state, however, do not have a marriage certificate; Spirit will refer to you as "married".

You may receive a message for a neighbor or about someone you are not close to and perhaps may not even like. For whatever reason, you are the conduit for this message and as such, are expected to accept it.

Finally, your reading is totally confidential. I will not remember you nor your reading.

Please come forward and expect God's highest and best during your reading. May you be blessed eternally with love, joy, laughter and harmony.

Types of Readings

In person reading: This is a one on one session where you will personally sit with Peggy in her home and receive an in depth reading embracing the concepts listed in above detail.

Phone reading: This is a one on one detailed and intimate session with Peggy via the phone. Often people prefer a phone reading due to reasons of anonymity or geographic proximity.

Group readings: This is an event where a group of people plan a "party” for several individual private readings with Peggy at her home. Pre-scheduled time slots of 20 minutes per person are choreographed so that everyone has their equal turn to commune with Spirit.

Dream Analysis

The greater your ability to understand yourself, the greater your ability to understand others and the world around you. To increase your psychic abilities, timing, decision making, and quality of relationships, you need to hear your inner voice of guidance.

One of the best ways your inner voice as well as Spirit speaks to you is through your dreams. Dream Analysis translates the messages from symbols and storylines to important issues in your life and gives you answers to achieve happiness, inner strength, and peace of mind. You need to stop the incessant chatter in your mind to hear the universe communicating to you.

You spend one-third of your life in the sleep state - don't you want to know where you go and why?

The Sleep Cycle
There are 5 stages of sleep (stage 1 being the lightest, stage 5 the deepest) During sleep, you fluctuate between the stages. Some researchers theorize that, as with all animals, we instinctively awaken or go to the lighter stages of sleep several times a night to remain aware of our surroundings and make sure we are safe from harm.

The deepest sleep occurs in stage 5, also called REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). Approximately 80% of this stage is spent dreaming. REM sleep occurs about once every 90 minutes, with periods lasting from 10-50 minutes, lengthening as the night goes on. This may be why dreams seem longer and more vivid right before waking up. Dreams also occur during the first 4 stages of sleep, but they are usually more vague.

Learning From Your Dreams
Everyone dreams, as many as five dreams a night. During sleep, your conscious mind takes a break and lets your subconscious take over...and you dream. Without the filter of your conscious mind, you are more open to acknowledging certain feelings and issues. Dreams are a safe environment for bringing them to your attention. In your dreams, there is no ego, no consequences, no real danger. You are free to experience and experiment.

Dreams may refer to problems, and give you the solutions. You may dream that you can't speak, and the people around you don't know that you are asking for something. This dream may be telling you that in order to make your needs known, you must change your approach in communicating them to others.

Dreams can point out fears that you don't allow yourself to feel in waking life. For example, you may have fears about your job or personal relationships. Your dream may depict symbols for these fears that, when understood, can free you for greater success and peace of mind.

Dreams also symbolize positive aspects of your life. Not all dreams deal with difficult or painful situations. Some dreams are meant to reduce stress by causing you to feel happiness, peacefulness, and pleasure.

Sometimes, dreams are prophetic visions or warnings. These dreams are from the superconscious (not subconscious), and do need to be honored. If you have a strong feeling about a dream being psychic, you need to pay serious attention to your intuition – it’s important to have the dream analyzed by a professional to make sure that you are not misinterpreting a dream from your subconscious and mistaking it for a prophetic dream.

Remembering Your Dreams
For some people, remembering their dreams is fairly easy. Most people remember their dreams only when they seem particularly strange or frightening. In order to understand the symbols and themes in your dreams, it is important to train yourself to remember as much as you can about your dreams.

KEEP A DREAM JOURNAL NEXT TO YOUR BED AND WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP, even if you only remember parts of it. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, before falling asleep, say to yourself "I will remember my dreams and I will write them down." In training yourself, you may need to repeat that statement several times. Immediately upon awakening, tell the dream to yourself, recalling the events and characters, the details and feelings, and then write it down - even if the symbols seem pointless or if their meaning appears obvious. When combined with other aspects of the dream, the meaning of the symbols may become very significant and different than what they appear to be. It takes practice but in time you will be able to recall your dreams easily and with great detail, and you will realize how worthwhile your efforts have been.

The Dream Analyst
Allow Medium and Dream Analyst, Peggy, to help you decipher your thought patterns and the voice of Spirit within your sleep life. Submit your dream to Peggy via email, ( and she will email you a complete interpretation of your dream, (no less than 4 paragraphs), within 72 hours of receiving your submission.

Check, cash or money order must be mailed in advance of interpretation to:

Peggy Lynch
4000 North Freeman Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Picture Readings: Submit a photo of yourself or a loved one, (four legged friends are also welcome), and Peggy will provide you with minimally, a four paragraph reading about the image provided. Great detail will be given regarding past, present and future happenings and conditions. This is a wonderful keepsake and often a "quiet" way to obtain reflections about the unknown details of a loved one or object of interest.

House Cleansings: Allow Peggy to clear and clean your home, office space, etc., of excess or old energy. During this ceremony of smudging and prayer, Peggy will respectfully assist delayed Spirit and past life minutia to move on, leaving your space clean and free to absorb your essence and life force.

*Please note that electronic as well as tangible gift certificates are available for all services and products*

"I am stationed in Iraq. Your vision helped me navigate safely in deadly waters. My work as a doctor allows me to see the flesh of the Spirit. Your insights helped me see the Spirit of that Spirit. Many thanks. William, "Dr. Bill"
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